Gage Cannabis Co.DJ’s Gold

Expect a hit with this mix! This hard hitting strain possesses a strong blend of modern Kosher Kush and old school blueberry! Also known as ‘Jew Gold’ resulting in a perfectly beautiful strain worthy of both its parents. Receiving its name from DJ Short Blueberry expect a great tasting and potent hybrid, the powerful flavours possessed in this beautifully crafted strain are lemony kush and earthy. Providing a relaxing sensation with a citrusy kick! How much more perfect can a blend be? Exuding 55% sativa and 45% indica vibes you can expect potent highs. Happy, relaxed and uplifting are effects you can certainly feel.


16-25 %
2 %


Full Body
1 hour

Gage Cannabis Co.

In respect to Louis Armstrong: “Gage ain’t nothing but medicine”. Gage Cannabis Co., located in Massachusetts, has a sentimental value behind their brand. The name, Gage, pays direct tribute to the term for cannabis within the jazz community in the 1900’s. Their vision is to capture the moment just before cannabis became stigmatized — when it was being sold over-the-counter as medicine.

  • Deeply rooted in cannabis history.
  • Aims to remove cannabis stigma and by educating.

Gage Cannabis Co treats their products with the utmost respect in light of this. Locally owned and operated, they want to provide their consumers with premium-grade cannabis and a variety to choose from. Chill out and think of the good old days.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto