Sour Drops Indoor Hemp Flower

Gold CBD’s Sour Drops is a hybrid hemp strain, and this flower was cultivated in an Indoor grow. With third-party lab tested at 15.59% CBD Content .22% CBGA content, and a total cannabinoid content at 18.25% per gram. The terpene Concentration is 1.98% with the top three terpenes present: B-Myrcene, Cis-Nerolidol, A-Bisacolol.

The Sour Drops strain will have you feeling relieved, calm, and focused. Sour Drops’ genetic information is not known. The Sour Drops smells like walking into a candy shop. Sour Drops is the perfect combination of sweet and sour aromas. This strain is ideal for a daytime sesh. Dense, chunky buds that will make your jaw drop!



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