Bayou flower exhibits a subtle profile of earthy, sweet notes. A purple kush variant, it is known for its dreamy violet colour. With a THC content of 9% and little to no CBD, this strain is great for new users. Expect a mellow body effect while calming the mind.

Present terpenes include caryophyllene and humulene that bring out spicy and woody hints in aroma with a touch of berry. High in indica, users can expect a blissful, long lasting euphoria ridding the body of pain and restlessness.

Best for night time use or after a long day, the high is introspective, almost excessively so, leaving the user dreamy and thoughtful. This strain opens the gateway for creativity to flow freely, connecting both the body and mind – a true beauty!


9 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour


HEXO does more than produce exceptional levels of cannabis, oh yes. HEXO is there for the day-one rebels, the ones that aren’t afraid to ask why — and especially why not. They challenge consumers to stay curious and to feel liberated in stigma-free cannabis use. And let’s not shy away from their selection of flower, pre-rolled joints, decarbed buds, oils, and sprays, because really, they’ve taken every consumer’s wish into consideration. So whether you’re a smoker or a hassle-free baker, HEXO has something for you to sink your pearly whites into.

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