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Dark star is a high THC bearing cultivar with an indica-dominant profile reported to improve the mood of the user with increased creative and productive effects. The strain is grown and hand-sorted within a hybrid greenhouse. The variety contains a potency potential of 17% – 25% THC and low CBD index.

This cultivar produces robust buds with dark green, teal, and purple tones making an appearance throughout the flower with crimson red pistils to contrast and a layer of crystalline trichomes. The primary flavour inducing terpenes are alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene and nerolidol which create an assortment of earthy aromas undercut by scents of freshly chopped wood.


17-25 %
0-4 %


Full Body
1 hour

High Tide

High Tide is serving up some of the most eccentric accessories that your cannabis has the privilege of cozying up to. Based in Alberta, they have over a decade of experience with retail cannabis accessories and have become the biggest counterculture chain in Canada.

  • Largest counterculture chain in Canada.
  • Distributes products for licensors like Snoop Dogg, Kevin Smith, and Trailer Park Boys.

Partnered with high profile names like Snoop Dogg and Paramount Pictures, High Tide has paired legends in cannabis with our favorite past-time. Their list of products includes a colorful list of bongs, vaporizers, pipes, and grinders to name but a few. Ride the wave in the right kind of tide.

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