MK Ultra Milled

This milled flower from Namaste is ground to perfection to create the perfect consuming consistency – perfect for any joint. Named after the infamous CIA project focusing on mental manipulation, this powerful indica strain lives up to its namesake. MK Ultra has a THC potency ranging between 16% and 20% is known to produce some super strong cerebral effects. A cross of OG Kush and indica G13, this strain is indica through and through!

MK Ultra is renowned for its fast acting and powerfully euphoric effects. With a pungently sweet, earthy aroma, the flowers of this strain range from bright, light green to deep dark green with small amber pistil hairs and a frosted look. Expect a great body high that will leave you free of aches and pains, worries, and stress – but make sure the couch or bed is close by for when you inevitably need to use it!





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