NamasteUltra Sour Milled

Ultra Sour is a heavy-handed sativa-prominent cultivar that showcases a range of pungent lemon and lime aromas which are accented by strong tones of fuel and some subtle sweet tones. The milled product of this bud is even more exhilarating in the fragrance department as the buds expel much more aromas after grind.

This product is definitely not recommended to beginners due to its massive THC profile of 18% – 25%, which also has the ability to catch even the most seasoned smokers off-guard. This variety can be purchased pre-milled for convenience and ease of access, no need for a grinder or excess time spent breaking it down by hand.


18-25 %
0.05 %


Full Body
1 hour


As a premium recreational cannabis brand, Namaste understands consumer concern. That’s why their team is full of respect and wants to connect others to the mutual love of cannabis. By providing the inspiration behind their products, their aim is for users to elevate their everyday lives.

  • Sourced from Zenabis (Canadian licensed producer).
  • Have a retail recycling program to make a difference in the environment.
  • Available in dried flowers, prerolls, softgels and sprays.

Namaste’s products are potent in their smells and range from spongy, sticky and fluffy in texture. Each product is strictly regulated thoroughly, so you can bet you’ll be snagging-up some good quality stuff.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto