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Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is best known for its high THC potential, it is a cross of strains that come from the Hindu Kush mountain region located in Central and Southern Asia. Afghan is the mother of many Kush varieties available today. On appearance the buds are dense and sticky with moss cloured leaves speckled with purple hues and sprinklings of frosty trichomes.

Afghan Kush offers notes of white musk, peppercorns and sweet strawberries from the strains impressive terpene profile including, musky myrcene, hints of sandalwood from caryophyllene and linalool’s citrusy taste. The strain is grown in pure light in high tech greenhouses located in Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

The strain possesses a THC range of 16-22% and 0-1% CBD and being Indica dominant provides users with a nice relaxing high. A strain best used in the evening or night time with its mellowing effects.





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