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Critical Kali MistPure Sunfarms

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This strain shines brightly in the weed strain sky – and with a lineage that teeters on royalty, it’s only fitting. With genetics that are a pairing of Critical Mass, an indica known for its growth of large sticky buds, and Kali Mist, a multi-award winning sativa, Critical Kali Mist is a bit like when celebrities end up having amazingly successful children. In this case, the result is a powerful and resinous sativa that produces large, dense flowers after about 70 days.

This bud has a moderate to high THC potential between 14-20% with minimal amounts of CBD. A west coast hybrid with roots in California and Tofino, its robust, tightly wound buds offer a deep olive colour frosted with sweet trichomes. Expect a bouquet of flavours, including bright dill and parsley (pinene), tart raspberry and orange sorbet (myrcene), and oregano and pink grapefruit (caryophyllene).

Users can expect nothing but a purely uplifting and euphoric high scattered with flowing creativity and endless bouts of laughter.


14-20 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto