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Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush first poked its head out in the mid 90’s, capturing the attention of many cannabis enthusiasts and slowly but surely became a global favourite indica for many. 98 Bubba Kush features compact and dense buds with a fair share of stickiness due to its high trichome production tendencies.

Popularity over the years has resulted in diluted genetics within the strain. This variety from Qwest is a subtle reminder that you have tasted Bubba Kush like this before, with its resemblance to the classic flavour of Cali Kush – a true blast from the past.

This variety features a terpene-rich profile which is guaranteed to leave you salivating and everyone around you with pungent and powerful aromas. The terpene profile is attributed to this, including terps such as Myrcene 35%, Caryophyllene 28% and Linalool 8%. This cultivar carries a moderate potency potential of 14% – 16% THC.





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