Royal High8 Ball Kush

8 Ball Kush is a unique concoction of terpenes and properties, acquired through selectively breeding Bubba Kush and King Kush. This gives this variety some classic kush qualities with small alterations to the bouquet of aromas. Expect robust smoke, enriched with deeply organic notes of earth and unmistakable fragrances of skunk with slight floral hints. This strain possesses a relatively high potency of 18% – 26% THC and low traces of CBD.

This herb produces distinctly vibrant orange pistil strands which tangle around dark green calyxes. The trichomes are light in colour and cover the surface of the bud like a light layer of frost. The strain is closely examined throughout the growing and cultivation process by experts to ensure maximum quality.


18-26 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Royal High

Cultivated in small batches, Royal High flower is hand-selected to ensure a flavor and experience like none other. A premium brand from United Greeneries, Royal High represents the finest flower that British Columbia has to offer. Grown on Vancouver Island, every Royal High plant pays homage to the long-rooted legacy of darn good BC Bud.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto