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Mazar Great White Shark

Nicknamed ‘Raspberry Jam’ for its pungent and nectary forest berry aroma by the cultivation team, this variety has a deep ancestral lineage straining from Mazar-I-Sharif and Great White Shark which both hold a legendary strain badge for their own unique properties. With its medium to high potency of 16% – 22% THC, this variety can be enjoyed by an array of cannabis enthusiasts.

Mazar x Great White Shark produces dark, mossy green buds with tightly packed calyxes and well trimmed sugar leaves surrounded by burnt orange pistils, finally finished with a hefty layer of glandular trichomes. All crops are grown and harvested by a group of experts who aim to maintain the natural moisture, terpenes, and trichomes for a certain amount of freshness straight from the container.





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