SymblSummer Jam

Also known as White Berry, and sometimes Berry White, Summer Jam is a sweetly tart taste of summer decadence with an indica-dominant high to match. With a moderate THC potential spanning between 12% and 18%, and a maximum CBD potential of about 1.5%, this strain is uplifting and cerebral, much like a great summer jam.

With tightly packed little flowers, you’d almost think you were looking at a berry! A mix of blues, purples, and earthy greens grace the buds while long orange pistil hairs waft in the breeze. And on top of that, a decadently thick coating of trichomes adds a whole lot of magic to the mix. On the nose, expect plenty of bright blueberry rounded out with hints of tart apple and sour grape.

In small quantities, the effect is everything you can expect from a classic sativa – energetic and focused. With larger doses, the Indica genetics of the strain can make themselves known, resulting in a full body-mind daze.


12-18 %
1.5 %


Full Body
1 hour


The world is yours to define. At Symbl, there are no expectations, no demands. Explore infinite possibilities with craft cultivated cannabis products. After all, you never know where the road is going to take you.

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