Haven St – Pacific Sunset 1g

Best used at Sunset, this indica dominant strain greets you with a powerful aroma of fresh pine accompanied by earthy and woody undertones so excite your senses and spark social connections with the mid to high THC levels.

The strain contains an impressive terpene profile, aromatic natural oils colouring the cannabis with distinctive flavours. Terpenes present include, alpha pinene, beta caryophyllene, ocimene, and beta myrcene. Resulting in the strains earthy, peppery and pine flavours.

This hybrid greenhouse grown strain boasts a THC percentage of 16-20.5% and a little CBD at 3%. This 1g serving is equivalent to 1g of dried flower, keeping you on track with your portions and cannabis intake. Small enough to carry with you, light up and go on a journey of pleasure and relaxation.





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