THC BiomedAtomical Haze

Powerful by name and even more powerful by strain! A superb cross of new and old world landrace strains, including Afghanistan and Columbia. Dark green buds with soft amber hairs fleck buds that are hand trimmed and grown in organic soil resulting in earthy musky tastes. This strain is a nice balance of indian sativa and a sweet Afghani protrudes nicely in taste and smell.

The character of Atomical Haze proves stringent, leaving a cleansed feeling on the palate. Spices are adorned by sharply bittered citrus and kiwi notes. Users can expect relaxed, sleepy and euphoric effects so we recommend that this strain is best used in the evening or night time.

Atomical Haze boasts a mild THC profile at 18% and no CBD – adding to the potency of the strain. So why not pass around and share the haze or enjoy before bed to endure the sleepy effects.


18 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

THC Biomed

Cannabis medicine should be affordable, accessible, and high-quality. This belief is at the heart of THC Biomed’s mission, where consumers come first. Headquartered in the beautiful British Columbia, THC Biomed is committed to sustainable and organic growing methods.

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