The BatchHalf Quarter

The Batch has one simple mission – getting cannabis consumption back to the basics without skimping on quality. They’re committed to keeping your smoking experience simple, no-nonsense, and in this case super convenient. The Batch know what users want when it comes to their bud – and it’s not cultivars, genetic lineage, unique terpene combinations, and fancy strain names. They’ve decided to categorize their products according to potency rather than the cultivar, and because of this they can offer certified quality cannabis at good prices.

And now you can get a perfect half quarter (three and a half grams) of quality cannabis at a great price. This particular batch contains a mix of hybrid strains that range in THC potency between 10% and 16%, and around 2% CBD. Perfect for sharing, you won’t have to hoard all of this quality bud to yourself. So share, make friends, socialize, and know you can do it all without breaking the bank.


10-16 %
0-2 %


Full Body
1 hour

The Batch

Don’t care for fancy terms, genetic lineage, or what terpene means what? If you just simply want some good cannabis without the lingo, then The Batch fits your personality. Keeping it clean and simple, the brand cares about what matters most — potency, affordability, and quality. At prices that compete with black market sales, The Batch wins every time when quality comes into play.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto