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Banana Split

Vertical is all about the ascent – the personal experience we as individuals strive for in a new world – and Banana Split is exactly that. Banana split isn’t the common dessert you’d order at your local diner – let’s not confuse the two, it’s so much more. Banana Split by Vertical is a sativa-dominant cross of their famous Tangie and Banana Sherbet.
Users can expect an energetic and uplifting high, creating motivation from the more active buzz. Make plans and stick to them, clean, cook or even get that pre workout spirit!
Banana Split offers a clean level-headed high with a modest THC level of 8 to 13% and little to no CBD. This strain is suitable for anyone looking to have a productive day. Growers can expect large buds with oversized frosty colas that host a Tangie-derived citrus aroma alongside sweet flavours from Banana Sherbet.





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