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Thamesview Dream is your classic strain with a kick of CBD thrown in there to create an equilibrium between the two acting cannabinoid CBD and THC. In strains like this, CBD usually removes the harshers effects of THC such as paranoia and anxiety.

This is a hybrid variety with a terpene-rich profile which creates minty aromatics with subtle herbal kicks and naturally earthy fragrances. The primary terpenes which contribute to the taste and aromatic profile of the strain are terpineol, cymene, and eucalyptol.

Recommended for an array of users due to its relatively low THC content of 2% – 5% and a little higher concentration of CBD of 6% – 10%. This cultivar is great for daytime and evening use, so kick back with your favourite vinyl and let the vibe take you.


2-5 %
6-10 %


Full Body
1 hour

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Soar to new heights with Vertical Cannabis. A true Canadian brand, Vertical likes to relish in the experience of pioneering a brave new north. With every high-quality flower, Verticle invites you to enjoy the climb.

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