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Wedding Breath is the holy matrimony between two extraordinary strains, the sweet and pungent Wedding Cake and rustic and robust Mendo Breath. The result? A visually and flagrantly beautiful variety strain – Wedding Breath.

Wedding Breath carries dense, crystal-packed buds which boast a vibrant lime tone throughout with unmistakable bright yellow, sprinkle-like pistil hairs. The flowers are meticulously cultivated and craft-curated to produce crisp and fresh cannabis nuggets.

This variety offers a THC content of up to 25% which will without a doubt have you glued to your seat after a long day. Kick back and relax with a mouthful of silky and rich smoke with subtle hints of spice.


25 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

We Grow BC

Who doesn’t want to grow into the best version of themselves? We Grow BC, located in Creston British Columbia, are brewing up something big for you to feast your senses into.

  • One of the most modestly priced brands in Canada.
  • Premium grade, indoor-grown cannabis.

As a leading indoor cannabis grower, We Grow BC is bringing ultra-premium cannabis that achieves some of the most affordable pricing on the Canadian market. Their experts are relentless at curating the best, most succulent cannabis products. Fall into yourself or with friends and grow toward a better life with a toke or two.

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