Whistler Cannabis CoBC Rockstar 3.5g

BC Rockstar is an indica-dominant, high THC yielding cultivar that has taken second place in Cannabis Cup Contest in 2012. The variety is sure to leave you with an impressionable high that comes around quite instantly with effects that can last hours, even for seasoned smokers. This cultivar can contain up to 24.99% THC with minute traces of CBD.

The crop, grown and harvested in BC, yields immaculate flowers that are as vibrant as they are flavourful showcasing a mixture of lime-green and mossy-green textures throughout the structure with bright amber pistils and a generous layer of trichomes. The leading terpenes d-limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene give this phenotype a distinguishable woody aroma that releases skunky and kushy aromas when broken.


24.99 %
0-0.05 %


Full Body
1 hour

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Whistler Cannabis Co is a collective of growers committed to growing cannabis naturally. As Canada’s first certified organic grower, Whistler Cannabis Co grows in small batches and uses local suppliers. All products are pesticide-free and hand-crafted. To do things right, sometimes it takes a little extra effort.

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