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ABX Sleepy TimeAbsoluteXtracts

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Getting a good night’s sleep is key to maintaining a productive and healthy lifestyle. That’s why ABX created this line of all-natural products specifically engineered to support restful sleep. Every product features a blend of full-spectrum cannabis and terpenes that provides natural relief and promotes better sleep. ABX’s Sleepy Time products include:

  • 15 ml sublingual drops with 450 mg of THC
  • 10 or 30 count soft gels with 5 mg or 25 mg of THC/capsule 
  • Full-spectrum vape cartridges with 500 mg of pure cannabis oil

There’s something for everyone. For faster onset and the ability to microdose, go with the sublingual drops; for quick-acting sensations, use the vape cartridges; and if you want precise dosages with long-lasting relief, try the soft gel capsules. Whatever you need, ABX has the perfect natural relief for your insomnia.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto