Hexo Elixir CBD MCT Oil Cannabis Spray
Hexo Elixir CBD MCT Oil Cannabis Spray
Hexo Elixir CBD MCT Oil Cannabis Spray
Hexo Elixir CBD MCT Oil Cannabis Spray

HEXOElixir CBD MCT Oil Oral Spray

Expect great things with HEXO’s mighty Elixir CBD MCT oil spray, with an outstanding 45 to 65 mg/ml of CBD and only a small amount of THC at 4 mg/ml. The CBD content is massive in concentration!

This makes an excellent choice for beginners as the low amounts of THC in the product lead to milder effects. To use this product we suggest spraying under the tongue – this in turn leads to better and immediate absorption to quickly feel the effects.

The spray requires no measurement, just a convenient spray and go! Each spray is equal to one dose. Elixir CBD MCT oil spray offers the body calmness and relaxation without the highs linked to products with larger amounts of THC content. This spray works well as a natural ‘pick me up’ in reducing stress during the day or after a long hard day.


4 mg/ml
45-65 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


HEXO does more than produce exceptional levels of cannabis, oh yes. HEXO is there for the day-one rebels, the ones that aren’t afraid to ask why — and especially why not. They challenge consumers to stay curious and to feel liberated in stigma-free cannabis use. And let’s not shy away from their selection of flower, pre-rolled joints, decarbed buds, oils, and sprays, because really, they’ve taken every consumer’s wish into consideration. So whether you’re a smoker or a hassle-free baker, HEXO has something for you to sink your pearly whites into.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto