High ParkMarley Natural Green Vape Cartridge

Marley Natural Green Vape Cartridges use a CO2 extracted oil and a hydrocarbon-free process to retain high-quality and rich terpene levels. This delicate extraction technique preserves the cannabinoid levels contained within the select cultivar. Utilizing a low temperature distillation process precisely refines the heat-sensitive oil and terpenes to produce a purified concentrated extract.

Marley Green showcases cerebral effect of sativa-dominant phenotypes accompanied by the physical relaxation of indica derived crops. The vape cartridges contain a hybrid strain resin to produce these sensations. Each cart contains 500mg of THC. All vape carts come in 100% recyclable packaging. This is one of four available carts from Marley Natural.


500 mg/ml
5 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

High Park

With their exciting portfolio of edibles, beverages, and flowers, High Park has expanded its already impressive list of products and brands. Their experts work tirelessly to produce cannabis that’s among the best of the best — not to mention safe.

  • State of the art production and cultivation facilities in Enniskillen, Ontario.
  • Educates consumers to make rewarding choices with cannabis.

By keeping their approach vibrant and catchy, High Park is diverse in consumer preference. That’s how they’re able to make quality products that you’ll remember for a long time after.

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