IrisaEarth 3:5 – 30 ml

Light, subtle, and smooth Irisa Earth Oil has an impressive ratio of 3:5 THC to CBD. Users can expect a very mild THC potency as the terpenes have been removed. The oil is made with an ethanol extraction method.

All of this comes together to create a very well balanced and soothing oil excellent in relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. So bring some clarity to your day, uplift your mood, and clear your mind!

We recommend this product to be used for ingestion and should not be smoked or vaped. This product contains 3mg/ml THC and 5mg/ml CBD.


3 mg/ml
5 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Irisa is committed to creating cannabis products that can be seamlessly integrated into wellness routines. By designing products to suit specific areas of life, Irisa optimizes self-care journeys. All cannabis products are created indoors to ensure every product will be consistent and every experience will be predictable

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto