KolabSativa Cartridge – 0.5

Kolab’s Sativa vape Cartridge is made with superior quality cannabis oil delivering users a blissful and euphoric moment. Packed in a leakproof 510 thread cartridge, this Sativa dominant distillate can help provide an uplifting and positive mind experience. Who knows what adventure it may take you on? It will certainly bring you the creativity to construct it.

Enjoy the mix of zesty citrus peel and fresh juicy orange notes coming through from the variety of terpenes naturally bringing out some much needed summer vibes. So enjoy some sunshine all in a 0.5ml bottle, no shades required! The flavour profile is influenced by the Strawberry Ice strain, with myrcene being the most dominant terpene.

Sativa vape cartridges have an exceedingly high THC potency of 85% with very little traces of CBD present. So carry with you and use in a discreet manner with the benefits of vaping cannabis, although with the high THC potency we recommend this product for those with cannabis experience.


85 %
0.76-0.94 %


Full Body
1 hour


Kolab Project is licensed to grow and sell cannabis for medical purposes. Their mission is to provide cannabis to users that is carefully cultivated and specifically selected high-quality strains with impact. The brand offers a great selection of premium hybrid, indica, sativa, and dried flower. Kolab Project is also committed to support creativity, design and the arts.

  • Registered to sell cannabis for medical purposes.
  • Offering high-quality hybrid, indica, sativa, and dried flower strains.
  • Flowers are grown and tested in the state of the art Carleton Place facility.

Kolab Project offers a nice range of whole buds (flower and pre-rolls), high THC vapes, and flower bites (edibles), all made with the finest natural ingredients. The brand advocates natural wellness and artistic endeavor. They are wholly owned by Auxly, a top investor in the industry of cannabis.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto