SoleiUnplug (510 Cartridge and Battery)

The perfect compliment to unwinding after a long hard day, find your moment with Solei Unplug. This pack includes one Unplug cartridge and one vaporizer battery – perfect to carry with you on the move in a more discreet way of cannabis consumption.

Solei Unplug cartridges are made with only high quality plant based materials as the belief is to always use natural methods in finding your zen. Cartridge oils contain no additional ingredients so expect more smooth and mellow tastes at a great value.

With Unplug you can expect no cannabis after taste or smell, adding to a more comfortable and sociable way of consumption. The THC to CBD balance adds to a more even high and experience, perfectly blended to perfection. With a THC content of 34.2% and CBD at 46%, this is formulated for more experienced users. The oil is extracted from sun grown cannabis and crafted with care by blending with natural plant derived terpenes.


34.2 %
46 %


Full Body
1 hour


Solei grows quality cannabis sustainably by harnessing the power of the sun. By using natural light, Solei creates a better product using methods that are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto