SundialCitrus Punch 0.5g Vape Cartridge

Delivering a whopping 700 – 800 mg/g of CO2 extracted, sativa-dominant hybrid extract, Citrus Punch makes a great companion when you’re in need of an uplift in energy, creativity and productivity. The extract is formulated from whole-trimmed flower and shake that is withdrawn by a specialized CO2 extraction technique, used to preserve precious terpenes and THC potency levels. Expect nothing but cannabis – with no additives, fillers, or flavourings added.

Each puff strives to deliver an aromatic assortment of tangy/sweet flavours commonly associated with rich oranges underlined beautifully by hints of organic earthiness. Myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene are the primary flavour donors for this product.


700-800 mg
0 mg


Full Body
1 hour


Whether you’re an avid consumer or a complete newbie to the cannabis journey, Sundial has something for everyone. The Alberta-based brand packs a total cannabis experience to tickle each fancy. They strive for consistency, but they also want variety.

  • Wide variety of strains suited to beginners and daily consumers.
  • Farms with horticultural techniques to achieve a selection of strains.

Sundial’s experts are able to curate strains anywhere between mellow and the down-right strong. This comes from using horticultural techniques and heartland farming to keep their flower as natural as possible. Sundial’s modern approach to growth and product fit seamlessly into the palm of healthy, active consumers. Delve into their colorful selection of quality flowers and original oils.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto