Tweed Penelope Cannabis Oil
Tweed Penelope Cannabis Oil
Tweed Penelope Cannabis Oil

TweedPenelope Oil

Penelope (skunk haze) is a hybrid THC oil by Tweed that takes the great balance of THC and CBD in this strain and distills it into this perfectly portable, easy to take, and easy to dose oil. A mix between Dutch Passion and CBD Crew, Penelope will produce super relaxing and mega comfortable sensations without being too consuming. With 25mg of THC and between 15 and 25mg of CBD, get ready for a great balance.

The flowers that end up transforming into this oil are mid-sized buds that yield large resinous buds all over its body. Aromas of spicy cedar wood with hints of piney-mint and citrus make for one great smelling bud. Despite providing a powerful, mainly physical, high, it does not interfere with your daily life.

This oil is not intended to be burned, smoked, or put anywhere near a flame. One spray is equal to 2.5mg of THC, so remember to start low, go slow, and don’t overshoot your personal tolerance.


25 mg
15-25 mg


Full Body
1 hour


In 2014, Tweed transformed the abandoned Hershey’s chocolate factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario into the most state-of-the-art cannabis growing facilities on the planet. With 4.3 million square feet of indoor and greenhouse cultivation space, Tweed is working to define the new era of cannabis by providing best-in-class customer service, strain varieties, and quality assurance.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto