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Lumina THC OilVivo Cannabis Inc.

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This oil is formulated with CO2 extracted cannabis resin and a natural cannabinoid carrier called MCT, directly derived from the coconut. MCT oil is a non-allergenic, non-GMO natural diluent which is used to reach required potencies for the oil extract. The terpenes are added back into the oil after it has been formulated and potencies have been reached.

Lumina THC oil comes in a bottle containing 20ml of substance with a total THC potency of 23 mg/ml – 24.5 mg/ml. For best consumption practices the oil can be consumed by adding to the underside of the tongue using the included dropper. This oil is for oral consumption only and should not be smoked or vaped.


23-24.5 mg/ml
0 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto