Whistler Cannabis CoBubba Kush Oil

Bubba Kush Oil is an indica-dominant extract that offers a concealed and discreet way to consume and benefit from cannabis with slow release properties and intricate aromas to compliment the formula composition. Expect mild tones of citrus with an undertone of sweet hops and slight hints of spice derived from pepper and cloves.

Orally consumed products are often thought to have the same onset of effects, however users should be aware that the release of cannabinoids is much slower and users are urged to start low and go slow at the beginning. This formulated oil contains 24.9 mg/ml which is extremely potent and should be taken along with a calculated and timed regimen.


24.9 mg/ml
0 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

Whistler Cannabis Co

Whistler Cannabis Co is a collective of growers committed to growing cannabis naturally. As Canada’s first certified organic grower, Whistler Cannabis Co grows in small batches and uses local suppliers. All products are pesticide-free and hand-crafted. To do things right, sometimes it takes a little extra effort.

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