Sonder 2 x 0.5g

Sonder is an Indica-derived strain, containing a dominant THC profile. These pre-rolls are a convenient solution for active/busy individuals. No need to carry around each specific component for a perfect roll, Sonder Pre-Rolls are available in packs of 2 joints.

Great for social events, this product has many versatile uses. Each joint contains 0.5g of only the purest ground flower material. Sonder offers tightly packed buds with a mossy, forest floor resemblance. Its complex terpenes gives it a diverse aroma, resembling scents similar to that of pine, sage and citrus.

The overall cannabinoid profile for this strain is 16% – 19% THC and 2% CBD. This is a great product for new and progressive users as the potency for this specific strain is mild to medium.





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