BlisscoWhite Widow

These premium flower pre-rolls are crafted using dried quality bud that is considered to be a Jack Herer phenotype by Dinafem Genetics.

This is an Indica cultivar with THC-dominant properties and terpenes include Myrcene, Limonene, Guaiol and Caryophyllene. Users can expect lemony aromatics with a natural pine based scent and earthy/woody undertones.

Each joint contains a total of 0.5g of dried flower with a total THC profile of 20% and a total CBD profile of around 2%. This indica hybrid contains moderate to high potency and should be consumed with this in mind.

Blissco always aims to find more sustainable sources for packaging, and for these particular pre-rolls they use packaging produced from recycled milk containers.


20 %
2 %


Full Body
1 hour


Bliss out with The Canadian wellness brand, Blissco. They’ve been committed to protecting the planet since day one, and want to share nature with as many consumers as possible.

  • Dedicated to dissolving the stigma around cannabis.
  • Committed to the wellbeing of the earth by using techniques that protect the planet.

They package their cannabis products in the least harmful way to the environment, so nothing is left unturned. Blissco’s cannabis is there to empower its users through a number of sensations: Create, Ease, Connect, and Go — each suited to different walks of life. As well as dedicating themselves to providing premium cannabis, they want to maintain the positive message that has been building up by educating, and supporting consumers everywhere.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto