Captain’s ChoiceIndica Blend Pre Rolls

Born and produced on Vancouver Island and inspired by the legendary Captain George Vancouver to bring a conveniently crafted, indica forward pre-rolled joint. Each little gem is jam packed with exclusive and finely ground indica cannabis blend, attentively rolled to give you the best product for the price.

Indica Blend pre-rolls offer a THC potency of 13% – 19% rendering these joints as mid to high potency products. Reported to have overall calming effects as part of its indica-based gene pool along with uplifting sensations that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied. Conveniently share your smoke with your friends or have one at hand whenever you need it.


13-19 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Captain’s Choice

Inspired by Captain George Vancouver, Captain’s Choice was born on the island for that personal touch. An offspring of United Greeneries, the brand is under a very expert wing. For the love of nature, they have a fine choice of cannabis that is cultivated with care. Captain’s Choice has been curated for excellence — and to release a unique taste of blended product. A choice that’s fit for a captain.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto