FIGRNo. 17 Craft Pre Rolls

There is a fine line between artisan and craft strains, that being the use of only whole buds and higher THC content and of course that’s what these pre-rolls are crafted with also. Featuring No. 17 Craft strain from FIGR which has been mentioned to be an undercover Wappa. The variety gets its name from the optimum temperature for storing cannabis nugs which is 17 degrees celsius.

Each pre-roll is sure to deliver citrusy vibes with zesty and tangy undertones followed by subtle sweet tones. Once finely milled the strain defuses amazing aromas and only the finest milled material goes into these convenient and portable joints.


15.8-22 %
0.05-0.06 %


Full Body
1 hour


With five generations of farming experience, FIGR doesn’t hesitate when it comes to perfecting the art of growing cannabis. They have a keen eye for noticing even the smallest imperfection — 150 years in the process would make sure of that! Their reliable products are a result of experts dedicating their time to accuracy.

  • Five generations of farming experience.
  • Use a 10-step process to determine if cannabis fits their quality standards.
  • No harmful chemicals used.

FIGR has leaned on their farming wisdom from past generations — not forgetting to keep up-to-date with new trends. The past, present, and future craftsmanship of this brand is one to trust. Not to mention that their cannabis is carefully curated, and selected for your contentment!

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto