BC Ice Cream Pre-Roll

Invoke the sensation of indulgent creamy vanilla ice cream in every drag of this great pre-roll from Flowr. This strain is a High-THC, indica-dominant strain from the Ice Cream lineage. It features a moderate THC potency between 16-18% with very little CBD. Flower pre-rolls are perfectly portable and packed to the brim with this high quality strain. Easy to spark up wherever and whenever the urge grasps you, Flowr’s pre rolls take convenience to the next level.

Like everything else from Flowr, this strain is grown hydroponically in BC, is trimmed by hand, and is cured using expert methods. This results in an end product bursting with quality.

Ice Cream features tight, pale green flowers and flavours of sweet vanilla and pepper while earthy undertones become present over time. Myrcene, Fenchone and Ocimene terpenes accentuate these earthy and peppery notes, giving the strain its total irresistibility.





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