Cold Creek Kush

This phenotype is aeroponically grown in a specialised facility based in London, ON. Cold Creek Kush is a fragrant and powerful indica-prominent cultivar featuring terpenes such as Beta-Pinene, offering a woodsy and coniferous perfume, Nerolidol, providing a slightly heated kick derived from ginger and jasmine, and also Beta-Caryophyllene, which contributes herbal, floral, and earthy aromatics.

Cold Creek Kush features a potency of 14% – 23% THC and up to 3.5% CBD. This variety from INDIVA is available in 0.5 gram pre-rolls which provide a level of convenience to any busy schedule. Pre-rolls are expertly-crafted to produce beautifully cone-shaped joints for all cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy. The pre-rolls use 100% flower and no trim – each joint is manually finished and weighed to ensure consistency and even burn throughout.





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