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Sativa Pre-Roll

Made with the highest quality THC dominant Sativa flower, these pre rolls are perfect for that day time pick me up! Time to get pumped with the energising effects felt from this uplifting strain. In need of some pre gym or house cleaning motivation? Kolab can certainly help with that! These pre rolls are hand finished on site using premium flower, giving you the high quality you would expect rolling your own. Just open and light, ready when you are!

With Alpha Pinene strongly dominating the terpene profile, you can expect an earthy sweet and fruity scent, pleasing to the palate. Let your senses explore the earthy pines through the array of scents and flavours while Sativa dominance allows your creativity to flow.

Kolab’s THC potency is a mild to high 23% and with no CBD present users can expect to get a lengthy and powerful high, enhancing your efficiency, liveliness, and vitality!





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