MaricannACES Sativa Pre-roll 5 x 0.5

Pre rolled and ready to enjoy, ACES sativa pre rolls are crafted from the most popular sativa strains. You can expect high quality, smooth burning rolls. With a High THC content of 13-20% and little to no CBD, prepare to gain a new found energy!

These pre rolls have a strong potency and are sativa-dominant, making for a more intense effect. Present terpenes are the ever so pleasant alpha pinene, guaiol, myrcene and terpineol, resulting in many spicy and fruity aromas with hints of berry. So sit back and relax with ACES sativa pre rolls, give yourself a moment for some me time and unwind with convenience.


13-20 %
0 %


Full Body
1 hour


Who can? Maricann. With years of experience and a respectable background in the cannabis industry, Maricann strives to offer cutting edge innovation and first-class service to consumers.

  • Years of experience in the medical cannabis industry.
  • Several locations around the world.

They also have some impressive locations situated around the world. Founded in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and Munich, Germany, they also have facilities where they cultivate, extract, formulate and distribute in Langon, Ontario. The brand also has operations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Colombia, U.K, Australia, and Argentina. With a well-traveled hand like theirs, they swear to their cannabis quality.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto