Ultra Sour Pre Rolls

Ultra sour and mega powerful, Ultra Sour pre rolls by Namaste are one of those special occasion joints. With a staggering THC percentage that hovers around 26.9% and only trace amounts of CBD, this sativa dominant strain will leave you in a state of exquisite euphoria and mind blowing bliss. Now take the hard-hitting sativa effects wherever you go, these pre rolls are super convenient and perfect for parties and socializing.

This strain’s buds are pale green and covered in sparkly, crystal trichomes. Aromas of citrus and diesel make Ultra Sour a flavorful option as well, its signature sour taste and flavourful profile resulting from terpinolene, limonene, caryophyllene, and beta-pinene terpenes. Totally uplifting, this strain is best for daytime use by those with a bit more experience who can handle the sativa-driven ride!





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