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Enjoy a delicious treat on-the-go, at home, or wherever you may be, packaged conveniently into a cone shaped joint that will guarantee a powerful kick. These pre-rolls are all manicured to provide quality and consistency throughout for a smooth and silky smoking experience.

Spirit Qwest is part of Qwest’s Reserve Collection, delivering a combination of flavours and attributes from two variety strains – Wedding Cake and Mendo Breath. The buds are crisp, displaying a grass-green colour with lime-yellow highlights, bright pistils and a generous glaze of resinous trichomes.

All pre-rolled joints contain 100% milled flower and no left-over material like after-trim or leaves. This delivers consistency and premium quality to every joint.


15-25 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour


Experience your true quest in life. Qwest wants you to do just that, by indulging in the best flower to guide you through. Like whiskey or wine, taking the time to perfect cannabis is just as important to Qwest. That’s why they’ve carefully hand-crafted the best bud at a slow and steady pace to achieve perfection.

  • Small batch grown to achieve each plant’s vital needs.
  • All plants are hand trimmed for precision.
  • Uses pure mountain water for healthy plants.

Like a gift from nature, Qwest has access to pure mountain water that flows through their cannabis estate like a dream. This gives their plants that extra edge and natural features.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto