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Sweet Jersey 3 Pre Rolls

Sweet Jersey 3 is a pungent sativa pre-roll with robust terpene flavours and a very wide range of THC potential, ranging between 17-28%, making it an ideal choice for beginners, experts, and anyone in between. Before making their way into a perfectly rolled joint, these buds are hand-groomed, expertly grown, and cured for maximum flavour and enjoyability.

This well-balanced aromatic strain is flavourful with notable hits of powerful dankness. This hoppy and citrusy sativa comes alive with apparent accents of spice that can only make you feel energized.

Sweet Jersey 3’s uplifting cerebral effects help users feel happy, giggly, focused and social. This pre roll is perfectly compact and portable and is best used by groups or individually for happy, euphoric, focused and energized benefits.





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