Mango Haze Pre-Roll

Mango Haze pre-rolls from Saturday is a delicious and popular strain that crosses some excellent varieties – Northern Lights No5, Skunk, and Haze. A sativa-dominant strain, Mango Haze has a low THC potential of 7-8% and a higher CBD potential of 13-14%. Expect to encounter rich tropical and citrus fruits on the nose with that distinctive mango aroma throughout.

Described as uplifting and fruity, these pre-rolls are similar in effect to Super Silver Haze with an added buzzing cerebral sensation. The perfect strain for daytime use, these Mango Haze pre-rolls are convenient, portable, and expertly rolled for a consistent and even burn throughout your session.

Despite its name, those who try Mango Haze feel anything but hazy – This strain is highly uplifting with some moderate body relaxation, and users feel bursts of euphoria, creativity and energy. It’s great for a boost of energy, or for relaxing and conversing with friends. The low amount of THC is enough to take the edge off without stopping the party.





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