Saturday night isn’t just alright for fighting (sorry Elton) – with this superb pre roll masterpiece, Saturday night transforms into a galaxy of possibilities. Saturday night has a moderate THC potential between 10% and 16% and minimal amounts of CBD. The strain itself is sativa dominant, and this combined with a medium amount of THC makes for a pre-roll that will get you prepped for anything Saturday night has in store.

The dark green buds have a slight purple hue and are grown indoors with help from natural sunlight. They’re then hand trimmed to preserve the bud’s excellent aroma profile. Expect fragrances of spice reminiscent of cypress and juniper berries, cardamom, black pepper, and cloves. Dominant terpenes like terpinene and caryophyllene really steal the show.

So get your Saturday Night pre roll, put on your dancing shoes, and open yourself up to all possibilities. This strain is sure to be a good friend the whole night through.





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