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Sense Pre Rolls

Sharpen your Senses and stay eco friendly on the go! Solei Sense is perfectly cultivated and sun grown to the highest quality in an eco friendly environment. Crafted with all natural papers, these hybrid kush pre rolls are made to create a more convenient cannabis experience, all you have to do is find the right moment. Ready to smoke, portable, and requiring no setup or paraphernalia, they’re sure to impress.

Green and vibrant hues greet the eyes while earthy and citrusy diesel aromas flood the olfactories – all with a hint of happiness! So get ready to indulge your senses as this hybrid strain’s primary terpenes are citrusy Limonene and tropical Myrcene, found in mangoes.

Sense has a very high THC potency potential at 14-25% and virtually no CBD content, delivering some cognitive and mood enhancement recommended for more experienced smokers. Revive your senses and reach new highs!





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