Sativa CBD:THC Resin Joint

Are you a stoner who prides yourself on getting things done? All Space Coyotes need a strong joint to puff, but when you’ve got things to do and people to see, a full blast off might not be what you’re after. Enter our CBD:THC collaboration with Chemistry! Rolled with a rich CBD herb and Chemistry’s potent THC resin, this joint puts you in a nice lucid flow state. Perfect before a workout or a nice long hike. This is team Space Coyote’s staff favorite, try it, and you’ll see what we’re raving about. 

  • Best time of day: Daytime 
  • Potency: Medium.
  • Dominant flavors: Grapefruit zest, menthol rub, raspberry jam






Gold Gift from UV Organics

Pink Puma from Chemistry

Candied lemon, pine needles, crisp pears

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