Space coyote indica live resin joint
Space coyote indica live resin joint
Space coyote indica live resin joint

Space CoyoteIndica Live Resin Joint

Nowhere to be and all day to get there? The bright fresh flavors of Utopia Farms Live Resin pairs with a heavy hitting indica herb for a delicious doob that will make even seasoned stoners salivate. There’s no pretense about this guy: It. Gets. You. Lit. As one of our team members has put it, “You’ve really got to be ready for those Utopia Collabs…” 

  • Best time of day: Evening
  • Potency: Very strong
  • Dominant flavors: Lemon, diesel, earth, pine


27.37 %
0 %


Full Body
2 hours


SFV OG from Honeydew Farms
Do-Si-Do from Utopia
Flavor Notes:
Sweet pine, diesel, lemon juice, earth

Space Coyote

Born on a galactic night in Joshua Tree during a meteor shower, Space Coyote combines quality cannabis flower and delicious concentrates into 100% cosmic prerolls. Space Coyote collaborates with some of the industry’s leading extract brands to offer a unique selection of infused joints to get you glazed. These far out prerolls are super smooth, provide an incredible high, and deliver flavor profiles you’ve been missing in regular ol’ joints. In the spirit of collaboration, Space Coyote sponsors and showcases up-and-coming artists, so you can be part of something bigger every-time you light up. They celebrate the heritage stoner and their growing community of artists, extractors, and cosmic adventurers with high quality, potent products, and positive-impact programs. Spark up one of these delicious joints to get glazed, blazed, and totally cosmic.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto