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Dream Weaver

Perfect for Gary Wright fans, dreamers, and those hunting for a vivid sleep, Dream Weaver pre-rolls are perfectly convenient when you want to get on the way to dreamland pronto. This multi-award winning strain is indica dominant, sweet yet pungent, and on the lower to moderate scale of THC potency, hovering between 10-16%, with minimal amounts of CBD.

These pre-rolls will fill you with a sense of easy calm as fragrances of piney wood with subtle hints of spice and citrus engulf you. This indica-dominant strain has vivid green, densely packed buds that are covered with bright orange pistils and a thick layer of frosted trichomes.

Dreamweaver’s high will allow you to remain active and mobile, but more toking will create a heavily relaxed sensation that can prime you for a restful night of sleep. So put on your jammies, snuggle under your favorite fluffy blanket, and spark up one of these convenient pre-rolls for your ticket to Dreamtown.





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