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Wave Runner

These pre-rolls will prove to be the perfect companion for invigorating days spent chasing the waves! This Amsterdam born, multi-award-winning sativa is the fruity crossbreed of Mango Haze and Lemon Skunk. With a moderate THC potential ranging between 14 and 18% with zero CBD, this strain will leave you energized, happy, and ready to chase the waves.

Wave Runner’s predominantly cerebral high will awaken and inspire your creativity, bouncing you through your day with ease. The sativa-dominance shines through too, leaving users with a happy energy, perfect for the beach and chilling with friends.

Green and orange in colour, Wave Runner has a springy bud density and is filled with visible pistils. The whole flower is covered in a moderate dusting of crystal-like trichomes. Bud appearance aside, this pre-roll is carefully crafted with the best this bud has to offer. Expect a beautiful and consistent burn – ready whenever you are!





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