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THC Hybrid Landrace Pre Rolls

This Hybrid strain is perfectly balanced with high THC levels, delivering users the “best of both worlds” through a mix of Sativa and Indica – resulting in a more even high. Users can feel productive and relaxing effects with THC Hybrid Landrace. This premium flower is hand trimmed from plants grown naturally in soil using organic methods.

On appearance the buds are a stunning light green with heavy strokes of conflicting orange hairs carrying an abundant dusting of THC crystals. A treat for the eye and the senses with the combination of terpenes, this strain has both an earthly and sweet presence of flavours including pepper, honey, and nectarine.

These pre rolls are great to take with you on the go, expertly rolled for your convenience – just light and go. With a moderate THC profile at 19-21% and low to no CBD, we recommend this strain for experienced smokers. So pick a moment light up and reach that peak of contentment with THC Hybrid Landrace!





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