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Flash Stix

Flash Stix pre-rolls by Trailblazer comes from a well-rounded strain and is expertly rolled into convenient joints made with care, precision, and only the best ground flower. This sativa-dominant strain has a medium-strength THC potential between 13% and 17% with little to no trace of CBD.

This strain is myrcene and caryophyllene-rich and has a springtime-fresh, earthy aroma with hints of bright citrus and dense, emerald-hued buds. Described as being the perfect amount of THC and energizing effects, Flash Stix will bring on a happy, refreshed, creative high that isn’t too overwhelming. With a clear head and a buzz that won’t leave you with the adverse effects of caffeine, it’s a great daytime strain.

So grab a pre-roll, pop it in your bag, and let the day take you where it will. Spark up whenever you have the inclination and let this moderate strain give you a flash of energy!





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