These pre-rolls by Tweed have an incredibly apt name – Highlands is a strain with an ancient Afghani lineage that, after years of perfecting, has resulted in a strain that will, even if not literally, put you right in the Highest of lands. With an impressive THC percentage that ranges between 16% and 25%, and a CBD percentage that caps at just 1%, these pre-rolls are the definition of a heavy hitter.

Highlands buds, before being perfectly crafted into beautifully cone-shapes pre-rolls, are indica-dominant, trichome rich, and grown in Ontario greenhouses to ensure consistency and control. Its terpene profile tends to lead with the earthy myrcene, but it’s balanced by the clove-like beta-caryophyllene and piney alpha-pinene.

If you’re looking for incredible amounts of indica-dominant attributes such as the calm fuzziness and delicious body buzz that is sure to relieve the stresses of your day, this strain is guaranteed to deliver. So take these perfectly crafted pre-rolls with you to a place of utter relaxation!





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